Sales, Business Development and Marketing should go hand in hand to attract, inform, convert and retain customers. Aligning across departments is critical to grow your bottom line and businesses have seen:

With an evolution in how research and data driven results have evolved IAR works across Sales, Business Development and Marketing to deliver your business goals.

Your customer’s buying behaviour has evolved, and the old sales techniques have less impact. The traditional sales-driven funnel is now a marketing driven funnel. Now, much of the buying process is happening online, as:

  • 92% of buyers start with an information search,
  • 53% of buyers find that going online and researching is superior to interacting with a salesperson,
  • 75% of buyers depend on social networks to learn about choosing the right solution
  • 90% of buyers will not take a cold call


By looking at multiple pain points across your business IAR uses tried and fully tested formulas that are driven through research, data and specialist knowledge of the AV market, to align strategies for both internal and external stakeholders.

IAR will help you plan and implement strategies across Sales, Business Development and Marketing resulting in generating sales, retaining customers and ultimately sustainable bottom-line growth.

The process involves a 30-minute free consultation. From there, together we can decide on the appropriate approach through a discovery session.

This can be supplied as a standalone piece of work that you can take away and implement yourself or with IAR’s support.


Marketing AAS - I am Rachael



Digital sales and marketing is an artform. Keeping up with your customers’ changing needs and technology has always been a challenge for Sales and Marketing teams. 

Finding experts in all the areas your customers engage in is not realistic for AV businesses in terms of people, resources, and costs.

Buying behaviour has evolved and traditional sales and marketing techniques have much less impact. Today, your brands digital performance can have the biggest impact on your bottom-line. The numbers say it all.

  • 70% of all B2B buyers go through a digital research process first, therefore you need to have the right content online to capture customers during their buying journey to drive them into your sales funnel.
  • Customers are 131% more likely to buy from your brand after reading or viewing educational content that matches their needs and solves their problems on your website.
  • Ranking is critical since 75% of searchers will not go past the first page of Google search results. Providing relevant content at each stage of the buyer’s journey, ensuring your touchpoints are all fully optimised and analysing your keyword, SEO and competitor performance will impact your Google ranking.


To help AV brands perform even better online, IAR has partnered with a team of digital specialists to offer your brand a comprehensive ‘Digital Performance Audit and Competitor Analysis’.

Using state of the art analytical software, IAR can provide your brand a complete overview of your digital footprint, benchmarked against your competition.

The benefits to you:

    • Define how effective your current sales and marketing efforts are against your competition
    • Benchmark exactly how your site is performing
    • Present the size of the potential online market for your business
    • Locates the best places to find customers
    • Helps define the most effective places to invest your budget
    • Shows how you compare to the competition and areas where you can improve
    • Identifies big issues that hold you back
    • Create personalised content for each element of your customers buying journey
    • Helps you localise your business and drive more conversions by country
    • Increase conversions across all touch points

The package includes:

    • Google analytics health-check
    • Site performance benchmark
    • Website traffic analysis
    • Digital market space overview
    • Organic web search performance
    • SEO technical benchmark
    • Paid web search analysis
    • Backlink audit
    • Keyword performance
    • Digital content marketing and PR audit
    • Social media audit

This can be supplied as a standalone piece of work that you can take away and immediately make improvements yourself or with IAR’s support. Please contact us for package options.



Strategy & Implementation- I am Rachael



A collaborative approach to your Sales and Marketing strategy will align your business across all touch points; delivering a value proposition that results in positive experiences, builds long-term relationships and achieves sustainable growth.

A strategy built on aligned goals will guide your Sales and Marketing teams in their daily activities, helping them clarify shared objectives and how to achieve them. 

Our approach will put your customers at the heart of your Sales and Marketing goals and outline your aligned plan for reaching, engaging and converting your customers. 

It will align your business across all touch points; differentiate your offering and deliver a personalised customer experience at each part of the buying journey. 


IAR has vast experience in both Sales and Marketing, meaning we fully understand your pain points on both sides.

Working collaboratively with your in-house teams we can help and improve your sales and marketing performance, by helping you:

    • Identify and prioritise your market opportunity
    • Identify target customers and understand their needs and drivers
    • Identify and create a single customer journey and your customer personas
    • Differentiate you from the competition and maximise market share
    • Build a compelling value proposition which reflects your key strengths and brand values
    • Develop messaging frameworks that create awareness and drive conversions at every customer touch point.
    • Reduce cost and maximise profitability


Brand Strategy - I am Rachael



Your brand is your chance to tell your customers your story.

Branding is not just about your logo, your font, or your products. It is about the customer experience you provide; the culture and the philosophy you embrace. The feeling your business evokes in a customer. What makes your business unique.

A brand strategy is built on a foundation of customer driven insights, around the who, what, why and when. It guides how and what your Sales and Marketing teams communicate with your customers.

Successful brand building will boost brand awareness; influence purchase decisions and build credibility and trust. It also has a big impact on your bottom-line. The numbers say it all.


A brand is a story. It’s a feeling. A perception. It is what you shape it to be. A brand is not built overnight. It takes time.

IAR can help you build a well-defined and executed brand strategy that will embrace your values and beliefs; delivering a value proposition that results in positive experiences, builds long-term relationships and achieves sustainable growth.

We can help your brand using the following techniques.

    • Brand research and insights
    • Brand positioning
    • Brand identity creation
    • Brand health-check and gap analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Campaign development


Demand Generation - I am Rachael



To deliver a successful demand generation campaign in the AV marketplace, you need to get a lot of things right. You need to deliver content that will help each customer segment at every part of their buying journey. 

Your Sales and Marketing needs to be aligned behind a consistent set of messages that delivers your value proposition and influences buying behaviour.

With a clear understanding of your customers’ challenges you can target your different audiences with personalised experiences that will drive awareness, engagement, conversion, brand loyalty and brand retention; achieved through the below techniques:

    • By offering a distinctive point of view and valued insights that are compelling, relevant and knowledgeable
    • Through creating Sales and Marketing content that captures the interest of your target customers, and sustains their interest through their buying journey 
    • Enabling your channel partners and sales teams to develop customer conversations, then convert interest into pipeline and sales.


IAR understands that finding experts in all the areas your customers engage in is unrealistic for your business in terms of people, resources, and costs.

IAR works with specialists so we can provide a 360 marketing service, covering all skill sets your business will need. From technical consultants; to PR and content specialists; to design wizards

IAR can work as an extension to your sales and marketing team, which allows you to harness specialist expertise, leaving in-house marketeers to focus on the fundamentals and daily business needs. This results in the ability to engage multiple skill sets for quicker turnaround time.

Our services include:

    • PR and media relations
    • Content marketing
    • Technical writing
    • Lead generation
    • Creative and design
    • Online and physical event content
    • Video and animation
    • Graphic and illustration design
    • Web design 
    • SEO and website maintenance
    • Social media management
    • Email marketing
    • Content audit and analysis
    • Competitor benchmarking and analysis
    • Award submissions