Sales, Business Development and Marketing should go hand in hand to attract, inform, convert and retain customers. Aligning across departments is critical to grow your bottom line and businesses have seen:

With an evolution in how research and data driven results have evolved IAR works across Sales, Business Development and Marketing to deliver your business goals.

Your customer’s buying behaviour has evolved, and the old sales techniques have less impact. The traditional sales-driven funnel is now a marketing driven funnel. Now, much of the buying process is happening online, as:

  • 92% of buyers start with an information search,
  • 53% of buyers find that going online and researching is superior to interacting with a salesperson,
  • 75% of buyers depend on social networks to learn about choosing the right solution
  • 90% of buyers will not take a cold call


By looking at multiple pain points across your business IAR uses tried and fully tested formulas that are driven through research, data and specialist knowledge of the AV market, to align strategies for both internal and external stakeholders.

IAR will help you plan and implement strategies across Sales, Business Development and Marketing resulting in generating sales, retaining customers and ultimately sustainable bottom-line growth.

The process involves a 30-minute free consultation. From there, together we can decide on the appropriate approach through a discovery session.

This can be supplied as a standalone piece of work that you can take away and implement yourself or with IAR’s support.