Digital sales and marketing is an artform. Keeping up with your customers’ changing needs and technology has always been a challenge for Sales and Marketing teams. 

Finding experts in all the areas your customers engage in is not realistic for AV businesses in terms of people, resources, and costs.

Buying behaviour has evolved and traditional sales and marketing techniques have much less impact. Today, your brands digital performance can have the biggest impact on your bottom-line. The numbers say it all.

  • 70% of all B2B buyers go through a digital research process first, therefore you need to have the right content online to capture customers during their buying journey to drive them into your sales funnel.
  • Customers are 131% more likely to buy from your brand after reading or viewing educational content that matches their needs and solves their problems on your website.
  • Ranking is critical since 75% of searchers will not go past the first page of Google search results. Providing relevant content at each stage of the buyer’s journey, ensuring your touchpoints are all fully optimised and analysing your keyword, SEO and competitor performance will impact your Google ranking.


To help AV brands perform even better online, IAR has partnered with a team of digital specialists to offer your brand a comprehensive ‘Digital Performance Audit and Competitor Analysis’.

Using state of the art analytical software, IAR can provide your brand a complete overview of your digital footprint, benchmarked against your competition.

The benefits to you:

    • Define how effective your current sales and marketing efforts are against your competition
    • Benchmark exactly how your site is performing
    • Present the size of the potential online market for your business
    • Locates the best places to find customers
    • Helps define the most effective places to invest your budget
    • Shows how you compare to the competition and areas where you can improve
    • Identifies big issues that hold you back
    • Create personalised content for each element of your customers buying journey
    • Helps you localise your business and drive more conversions by country
    • Increase conversions across all touch points

The package includes:

    • Google analytics health-check
    • Site performance benchmark
    • Website traffic analysis
    • Digital market space overview
    • Organic web search performance
    • SEO technical benchmark
    • Paid web search analysis
    • Backlink audit
    • Keyword performance
    • Digital content marketing and PR audit
    • Social media audit

This can be supplied as a standalone piece of work that you can take away and immediately make improvements yourself or with IAR’s support. Please contact us for package options.