A collaborative approach to your Sales and Marketing strategy will align your business across all touch points; delivering a value proposition that results in positive experiences, builds long-term relationships and achieves sustainable growth.

A strategy built on aligned goals will guide your Sales and Marketing teams in their daily activities, helping them clarify shared objectives and how to achieve them. 

Our approach will put your customers at the heart of your Sales and Marketing goals and outline your aligned plan for reaching, engaging and converting your customers. 

It will align your business across all touch points; differentiate your offering and deliver a personalised customer experience at each part of the buying journey. 


IAR has vast experience in both Sales and Marketing, meaning we fully understand your pain points on both sides.

Working collaboratively with your in-house teams we can help and improve your sales and marketing performance, by helping you:

    • Identify and prioritise your market opportunity
    • Identify target customers and understand their needs and drivers
    • Identify and create a single customer journey and your customer personas
    • Differentiate you from the competition and maximise market share
    • Build a compelling value proposition which reflects your key strengths and brand values
    • Develop messaging frameworks that create awareness and drive conversions at every customer touch point.
    • Reduce cost and maximise profitability